Aerosoft’s Musical Airbus Update!


Aerosoft is well known for keeping the community very well informed as to how things are going with the developments of their products.

To this end, Mathijs Kok, the Project Manager at Aerosoft issued a musically inspired update on the upcoming release of the Airbus A319 Professional.

It’s an enjoyable read, it’s below:

“It’s been a while since I written a forum post (these days it should be a blog I know) about how I personally feel about the progress. One of those posts written with a glass of wine and some music on the stereo, in this case, the bloody amazing ‘Welcome to the Blackout’ by David Bowie, a previously unreleased live concert from 1978. I am singing along with Heroes as I type this. If you know the lyrics you are either an old fart like us or cool.

We can be heroes
We can be heroes
We can be heroes just for one day
We can be heroes

Nine days to release, or more correct eight days as we need the last day to solidify the installers, products pages, get marketing and support up to date etc etc. At this moment all the core developers are working even though it is 19:00 local for most of them. We just had a skype meeting to talk over open issues and to get all noses pointed the same direction. Stefan is working on graphics for marketing and forum, Baylan is trying to get holdings in order as they seem to be whacky in the last few builds, Robert is fighting AP issues and trying to avoid wrecking other stuff. Three testers are trying to figure out an issue regarding a radial in procedure and I am working with Jon on the step-by-step guide.

I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins
Like dolphins can swim

You probably know by now this is one of the biggest projects we have ever worked on. We are juggling so many balls here. Not only trying to get a new stable base for our future bus projects but also having to manager the educational and versions for pro customers in order. As sidelines we are delivering the superb models to customers that will need them for TV shows, adds and hopefully a major movie. The regular customer might not care this is a new ‘base’ he just wants the best possible product when he pays for it. And there is my biggest problem. I need to explain that we do not pretend this project is completed. Your are not buying a beta but you are also not buying the product we intend to sell at the end of this year. That’s the magical moment where the A318/A319, A320/A321 and A330 should all merge together.

Blue, blue, electric blue
That’s the colour of my room
Where I will live

New Bowie song and if you don’t know it use Google.

I can’t say how proud I am of the people who work on this project. It’s a small team compared to what for example PMDG put on an aircraft. But they are aces. The work of Stefan who does what you see is most easily appreciated. I say he is the best modeler in our small scene and I know of very few people who do not agree. Baylan is not as visible but he has many years of experience in MCDU development and there is NO other Airbus MCDU that is as complete, none. Robert who handles our AP and flight related issues. He’s the latest part of the team and really dropped on these issues because we had no option. But he’s a crack developer and also responsible for our Connected Flight Deck that we believe will transform the way you fly just as live ATC from VATSIM or IVAO did. Flying on your own is silly and totally unrealistic. Close to 40% of the training to become a real airline pilot is about crew management. Learning to work as a team. Frank, the lead developer handles all systems and much more. What he done is bloody amazing. Name any aircraft that models the fuel temperature with regards to the temperature of the air you flown in and the temperature of the air as you park your aircraft, while taking the amount of fuel left and in what tank it is. You will not find any. We do not care about emergencies like other companies do. We do not model a dual engine failure (happened one time in over 200 million hours) and we do not model a APU fire with a incapacitated co-pilot (never happened and I dare to say it will never happen). What we do model is a correct cabin pressure when you land in Cusco. What we do simulate is the procedure on how to open the cockpit door after 9-11. That’s pretty important because if you don’t know you won’t get coffee. It’s stuff that pilots do on EVERY flight. Not something they train for on sims that will most likely never happen.

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills
And put your helmet on

Not from the same newly released album but hey you do know THAT song right?

All in all I am moderately happy about where we are. I would like to have another 8 weeks but I would happy to have another 8 weeks at that moment. The A320 was launched with massive issues and our simulation will be the same. It’s a process and if you are the kind of person who likes things perfect i strongly suggest you check back in September. What we promise is the best we got and the most open and honest reactions possible. No refunds, but for sure we’ll use all your feedback.

And next time we’ll do Lou Reed (or The Stranglers) you pick.”

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