Airline2Sim 777 Leaked!?!


It would appear that Airline2Sim made a slight error today, they may have accidentally released one of the videos for their 777 Cadet Training Program.

The series which is rumored to release next month features the PMDG 777 flown by Captain Myron Ashcraft from United Airlines, a 777 pilot for 13 years.

The video in question is the ‘walk around’ at Kona airport in Hawaii as part of the line training portion of the program, another thing to note is that it also lacks all the graphics and the post-production of the final version, so it’s a ‘draft’.

Ben Weston the CEO of Airline2Sim told PCFlight that the video “was meant for our tester team, to make sure there are no factual gaffes or problems, but seemingly we marked it as public accidentally. By the time we’d noticed, it had garnered some views and comments, so what the heck, count it as a free preview.”

Enjoy the free preview!


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