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Many people have been asking what is happening with the Twin Otter Airline2Sim Program, The CEO of Airline2Sim issued a statement earlier, talking about the progress and also what they plan for the future:

“The Q400 F/O training course is in active production but will not release until the Pro Edition of the Majestic Q400 is nearer, as a lot of the training is based around the shared cockpit function and a true ‘two pilot’ operation. That’s not to say that solo flyers won’t benefit from it either, but to get the true value from some of the trickier stuff we’ll show you, unless you’re Sully Sullenbeger or a Bombardier test pilot we’d highly recommend having someone else to help you out. We’re not done with filming yet either as some of the things we are trying to do, specifically the challenging circle to land procedure at Chambery in the Alps – the ‘other’ Innsbruck – we’re not happy with yet so bear with us.

The A319/20/21 Cadet course is in the late stages of pre-production as we had to wait for the A319 to come out of Beta before we could properly evaluate it. Now that’s happening, I’m hugely excited about the Airbus Captain we are looking to bring on board to train us on the A320 family and you will be too. He’s one of the most experienced pilots in the UK, plus he played a heroic role in averting what could have been the worst disaster in British aviation history! That’s got you guessing….. ETA on this one is now realistically early next year.

Twin Otter Pilot training has gone from pre-production back to ‘draft’ as our Twin Otter pilot (and there aren’t many of them in the UK) has just started a new job on the Q400. We have teased him that watching the Dash 8 training helped him land the job! However, it’s still on the board for 2015, probably other aircraft that are on the table as we have guys who are or were senior Captains on them – 737-400, 737 NG, 757-200, 767-300ER, 777-200, 777-300ER, 747-400, Fokker 100, ATR-72, Dash 8 200/300. One or other of these will probably see the light of day within the next 12 months, depending on a suitable platform to demonstrate it on.”

As you can tell there is a lot planned for the Airline2Sim program and hopefully it should be a great 2015 with all those aircraft on the lineup for intructional videos on the level that Airline2Sim do.


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