Alabeo Announce New Aircraft!


Yesterday, Alabeo announces the development of another small light aircraft.

This time it’s the PA22 Tri-Pacer, it’s a solid easy-to-fly airplane that in the 150-160 hp versions is a solid four-place airplane. Their reputation is one of being fast on final but that’s not true. Yes, the Tri-Pacer is faster than a Cessna but a few trips around the pattern and you’ll have it mastered.

Originally powered by the same 125/1356 hp Lycoming as the Pacer, the Tri-Pacer is a solid 125-130 mph cruiser with the bigger engine that can fly out of a shorter field than many might believe. If the air is even remotely smooth, the Tri-Pacer can be easily trimmed for hands-off flight while you watch the scenery go by.

The aircraft will be available for both FSX and P3D and going by Alabeo’s normal release schedule it could be available in the very near future.

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