Alabeo PA32 Saratoga – Review!


Recently Alabeo have been churning out highly detailed models of several different GA aircraft. Let’s jump into the review of their brand new addition to the collection the Piper PA32 Saratoga.

The Piper PA32R is a six seat, high performance aircraft that is single engined and produced by Piper Aircraft. The design of the aircraft came from the Piper Lance, But in 1975 they released the Seratoga. The aircraft was unfortunately discontinued in 2009.

Alabeo have been able to create this aircraft to a high level of detail inside of FSX and P3D, Fresh out the box the package comes with 7 paint variants.


The installation of this aircraft is one of the simplist I have ever seen, It was a simple matter of clicking next and entering your order details and then your done. The Interface of the installer was a clean design and was very easy to use. It does clearly state that you require an internet connection to have a chance of installing it. As I said the aircraft comes with the option to be installed into FSX, P3Dv1.4 and P3Dv.2. So for those that have both it would appear that you can install them on both.

Install 1 Install 2


The Interior

Let’s jump straight into the interior of this aircraft and take a look at the attention to detail this aircraft displays.

The cockpit of this aircraft is really nice, It has been developed to a high level of detail and is on par with other major GA addons in terms of quality and attention to detail. It did however in my eyes fall down on sounds in the cockpit. It does come with some really nice sounds of the engine, It was things like, when you open the window the air rushing past should make a noise. Also when you pull back the mixture the sounds of the engine should change. It was small things like this that it fell down on.

The quality of the Instruments and gauges was outstanding, They are of a great quality and you can read them all zoomed out.

The back of the aircraft seats six and is also of an equal detail as the front. The seats are really high quality and the simulation offers 2 camera views set in the back of the aircraft.

Cockpit Window


The exterior of this aircraft compliments the interior nicely because the reflections on the metal fuselage is great. The package comes with a wide range of Liveries and ranges from Yellow all the way to blue. The exterior model of this aircraft is so detailed that they have models the break lines for the wheel and have fully animated control surfaces.


Overall Impressions

Overall I think that is aircraft is really nice, it has a high level of detail in both the interior and exterior models and simulates the handling of the aircraft accurately. It does however fall slightly on the simulation of the engine and sounds. This is because it doesn’t fully cater for engine leaning and prop feathering, the sound of the engine should change when the mixture is leaned out. Also the sound of the air passing over the aircraft should increase when the captains window in opened. The modeling of this aircraft is beautiful and it just look amazing. It also performed really well in terms of frames per second. I didn’t see a significant frame drop when running this aircraft.

Many thanks to Alabeo for Providing the aircraft to make this review possible!


8.3 Awesome

I think that this aircraft is definitely worth buying, It simulates an iconic aircraft really nicely. The interior of the aircraft is really nicely designed but the LCD screens don't really integrate into the lighting of the cockpit very well. But overall definitly something you should think about buying, because it's only $29.95

  • Installation 10
  • Interior 7
  • Exterior 9
  • Sounds 7
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 5.9

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  1. Herbert John on

    Alabeo’s Saratoga is one of my favourites. Hats off to them for such a beautifully modelled plane. I agree that the sound, while good, leaves one or two details to be desired. Skysongsoundworks has a solution well worth exploring.

    I enjoyed your review very much but winced a bit at the mistakes in your English …

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