BBS Attack Aerosoft Over Their A330!


Black Box Simulations yesterday made some very powerful enemies when they attacked Aerosoft over the A330.

Black Box posted a post on their Facebook page commenting negatively about the release schedule of the A330. They also had the audacity to say that the Fly-by-wire system in the Aerosoft aircraft will not be correct even though they haven’t seen it.

Mathijs Kok the community manager for Aerosoft responded this this on the Aerosoft forums “Gents, BBS has published some rather not to nice comments on facebook about our A330 (about our release schedule (that they do not know) and the fact our FBW will still be incorrect in the new version (that they have not seen). They have removed it now including my replies, that got rather a lot of likes. Now I was rather pissed off to be honest because I feel it is bad taste to use your own marketing to speak bad about other people’s products without even having seen it. So that is why I reacted, without even making the slightest negative comment about their product.”

Of course this created some hostility towards black blox that was quite unnecessary. Mathijs went on to talk about this:

“But this caused a lot of comments here, some rather impolite and nasty towards BBS. That is NOT allowed and all the persons involved have been warned. Even if I would sympathise (and let’s not beat around the bush, I sort of do), this is NOT the place. As they have removed the offensive posts this issue is now closed. Any further nasty comments about BBS will result in an immediate ban.”

The post was quickly removed after it was seen by Aerosoft and I’m sure they will think twice before posting something like that.

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