[BREAKING] Lockheed Martin Drops Prepar3D Following Release of XPlane 11!


It’s been revealed today that Lockheed Martin is to drop the development of Prepar3D Following the release of Xplane 11!

This comes after a ‘beta’ tester leaked this information to PCFlight earlier today.

Bobby the beta tester said: “I saw an internal email that said that the dev team had seen what Xplane looked like and didn’t think it was worth it to continue”

Our source is a confirmed beta tester who has close links to the development team behind P3D, he went on to say: “Lockheed Martin weren’t making enough money because people kept buying the academic license when they knew full well that they should be getting the professional license instead”

Don’t worry though, it’s rumoured that Disney is in talks to takeover the development and that P3D V4 is still on track for release but now with a few new additions!

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    lulululululululululululululululululululululululululuululululululululululululululululululul u got me! First, i thought its real, but then , after looking at the date.. nice joke!

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