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It’s been a while since this add-on from captain sim was released, but we thought that it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of the less well known add-ons. The Boeing 767!

The Boeing 767 is old, the introduction of this aircraft in 1982 saw a big change in the way pilots fly the aircraft.

Since captain sim established back in 1999, they have developed many aircraft all the way from the Space Shuttle to the Mig-21, but one of the less well know is the Boeing 767. This Mid to large bodied long range aircraft was the first to feature a 2 crew glass cockpit; and since it’s introduction in the September of 1982 it has seen many major updates and modifications that brought it into the 21st century.


The installation of this aircraft package was simple and easy, it came in a file that was not very big and on my internet didn’t take very long to download. The files was only 67MB, if you however lose the file then you have to login to your account and renew the link, this is a little inconvenient as the other link that you originally got doesn’t work. Overall a simple installation as long as you don’t lose the file like I did!


The exterior modeling of this aircraft are good, from the angle below it looks like a 777 but it isn’t! there are shadows on the wing that dynamically move when the aircraft does. This aircraft comes with millions of different liveries, somehow it doesn’t come with the Delta one and they have the largest amount of them in there fleet! It did however come with a nice air canada one that you can see below.

On the wing and the horizontal stabilizer of this aircraft you can see marks that have been creates by something, it just makes the whole aircraft look more realistic. It almost looks like the result of the aircraft not being cleaned. Overall I rather nice looking exterior and there isn’t really anything to complain about.




The interior of this aircraft has a lot more to be talked about than any of the other aircraft I have reviewed before. Alongside having a flight deck it also has a cabin and that has even been modeled. I know that this isn’t new to the industry, but none of the big developers seem to do it very often.

Just look at the inside of that cabin, it look fantastic, they have modeled the cabin and all the galleys throughout the plane. I think that this just adds to the realism of the aircraft in a whole, the views added to this aircraft make moving about the aircraft a breeze.



Flight Deck

The flightdeck of this aircraft is good, it has a high level of detail but some of the switches could be made a little more realistic, Before I got the 767 I hadn’t flown anything other than a airbus or a boeing 737 or 777. They are quite different aircraft to this one. The screens are so small in the 767! One little thing I noticed was that some of the textures are not HD and some are quite pixelated, an example of this was the pen holder on the left window support.

There is a lot more views attached to the inside of the flight deck than other FSX add-ons, this is a great for moving around. The only other aircraft I can think of that has that many views is the Aerosoft Airbus aircraft, they have hundreds!

Overall, very good. It isn’t on the same level as a PMDG aircraft because PMDG are just crazy! It is however perfectly acceptable and is fully functional.



Flight Dynamics

The flying characteristics for this aircraft are interesting, you can feel that it’s big and heavy but it’s role rate is fast. I have had this aircraft in the review list since November and since then I have been flying it across the world and can conclude that It is really nice to fly. Even though it has an autopilot, I found myself leaving it off until at least 10,000ft and just following the flight directors all the way up. I’ve never really done that that with any other aircraft, it’s nice to fly. That’s really all I can say about the characteristics of the flying experience.

Overall Conclusion

I think that this aircraft is something that fills a niche in the market, Captain Sim are good at that. They create the aircraft that others don’t. I think that Captain Sim 767 is the best 767 I’ve seen as is definitely worth the money. It has a fully functional FMC and doesn’t seem to have any problems with the frame rates. In fact there wasn’t really any performance drop from running this aircraft. It was surprisingly good at it. It didn’t kill my system! There is also a few expansion packs available, they include the KC-767, 767F, E767 and the 767-200. For the price of £39.99 the base pack is well worth it. If you like the Boeing 767 then you will love the Captain Sim 767!

For more information and to purchase click here Also take a look at the other screenshots, they are straight out of the sim, no editing!





7.5 Fantastic

If you are looking for a Boeing 767 simulation then this is the one. It's the nicest looking and most realistic one on the market, for only £39.99 it's a real bargin. You can also purchase the exspansion packs for £9.99 each and they include the KC767 and the E767. One thing they could sort out is some of the texturing in the cockpit is a little weird.But Overall a Fantastic add-on!

  • Installation 8
  • Interior 7
  • Exterior 8
  • Flight Dynamics 7
  • User Ratings (32 Votes) 4.8

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