Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 Version 1.1 Released!


Just days after the initial release of the Phenom 300, Carenado have been quick to release a update for the product that fixes a few issues.

Version 1.1 of the product claims to fix these items:

– FLC and VS autopilot modes fixed (they were working fine in 2D)
– ALT SEL mode in VC fixed (they were working fine in 2D)
– System fuel indication on MFD fixed.
– SPD SEL is not resetting to 85kts when you select it again.
– SPDBRK indication when is closed fixed.
– Text on the Speed reference indicator fixed.
– Fuel flow diagram fixed.
– Outside emergency exit indication fixed.
– Minor bugs fixed.

Customers who have already bought the product should download it again from the links provided and you’re also advised to uninstall the aircraft before installing the updates version.

Source: Carenado



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