CES 2017 | Brand New Yoke System Announced!


There’s a new company on the scene here at CES 2017, they’re called Honey Comb Aeronautical and they’ve developed a brand new Yoke and Switch Panel System!

The product range from Honey Comb is called  Alpha Flight Control and this is the Yoke and Switch Panel System, it’s been designed to target Saitek’s Yoke System but has features that will blow it out the water!

20170106_164512The yoke features 180° of rotation each side and new technology that allows it to stick to your desk without the need for a clamp. Its attachment system features loads of tiny suction cups that the system can be unclipped from.


Manufactured from aerospace grade components, the Yoke & Switch Panel is a multi-purpose Yoke & Switch Panel, compatible with all major flight simulation software. All steel shaft with metal mechanical movement provides a professional feel and exceptional strength, and the full 180° yoke movement is ideal for flight of any craft.


The Yoke & Switch Panel features four buttons, four two-way switches & one, eight-way hat switch, offering an avionics switch panel with master, alternator, avionics and light switches. Compatible with PC and Mac, the Yoke & Switch Panel includes a mounting bracket compatible with Honeycomb panels as well as products from other flight simulation manufacturers.


Snakebyte’s CEO Nicki Repenning said: “Simulation in an area of keen interest for us at snakebyte. We believe there is huge potential for further innovation in the field and we’re excited to introduce a new brand to enthusiasts and aspiring pilots which we believe will stand for unparalleled quality and innovation,”

The Alpha Yoke and Switch Panel will ship for $169 and will be coming to market this summer!


20170106_164318 20170106_164205 20170106_164235



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  1. Looking good and solid. Has a nice bunch of buttons and viewfinder at the yoke and ‘panel’.
    Only thing I wonder, is why one has choosen to the red seni-clear ‘panel’background parts?
    In my opinion not so attractive for the more serious flightsimmer.

  2. Love the fact it is all made of the good stuff: “Manufactured from aerospace grade components,”
    I touched the thing and liked it, All feels good, if the price is okay this will sell. It is however NOT made of aerospace grade components, Event the press release images show that.

    • Hi Mathijs,

      We were told at CES that the final version would include components of Aerospace grade quality and that the pictures we took were of a non-functioning prototype.

  3. Thanks for the post! But im skeptic…

    Why does it look like a tail light? 🙂
    Aerospace grade components, why? Should it fly? Its not aerospace grade components in my washing machine and its been tumbeling for years.

    Does it come with the only thing missing in todays simulator yoke systems; the ability to emulate the trimming that the pilot does all the time to equlize forces in the yoke.
    Thats basically the only thing a real world pilot needs for a flightsim yoke to be realistic.

    If it supports that i buy it for $400 otherwise im afraid its just another yoke-toy.

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