CES 2017 | CaptoGlove – Wearable Gaming Motion Controller


There’s was a lot of really cool tech at CES this year, but by far one of the most interesting was a product from a company called CaptoGlove!

It’s a glove, but not just any glove because this one can be used to track motion in your hand and fingers to convert into controls and movements in the game!


Inside the glove, there are a plethora of sensors including Gyroscopes, Magnetometers and bend sensors. These are all fed back to the input device over Bluetooth Low Energy, the software then converts them into movements and clicks that can be mapped in the game.


This year at CES the demo they had on display featured DCS and a Huey running through a Oculus Rift. The CaptoGlove is perfect for this, you simply move your hand in the same way you would in real life and the aircraft responded appropriatly. It was so easy to control it with and felt very natural!

The product will be coming to the KickStarter in March 2017 for $169 and once it comes to market it will cost somewhere in the region of $200. It’s wireless and has a battery of 10 hours. You can use 1 or 2 gloves at the same time to map the Joystick and throttles in the sim for example.


The bend sensors in the fingers can then be used to map to switches or other controls in the sim like the brakes or landing lights. The possibilities are endless!

I had a quick chat to CaptoGlove’s Massimo Ricco:

You don’t even have to use it with Virtual Reality although it really suits this use the best, It will work as they say “with all past, present and future video games on PC, smartphones and tablets.” Including all Flight Sim Platforms like FSX,P3D and X-Plane.

One of my main complaints about VR is that you can’t interact with any of your hardware once you put the headset on, you essentially become blind. This mostly solves this problem and I think it’s fantastic! Keep an eye out for the KickStarter, it’s coming March this year!

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