CST A380 Cancelled and Dev Group Disbanded!


I had my doubts, but never thought it was going to come down to this. Cloud Surf Team have today been exposed as being no more than a group of people who steal other developers stuff and try and pass it off as their own.

It was revealed last night that the models from their A340 project and now the A380 project were both stolen from Project Airbus and converted in Model Converter X.

We chose to take our time with this and not jump to any conclusions, we’ve assessed the evidence ourselves and now through statements from those involved including the leader James Douglas have come to the conclusion that CST was another Dodgy Development group.

Essentially what they did was take other people’s work and pass it off as their own, they were completely out of their depth and were looking to collect donations to allegedly buy a model from NLS, the previous developers of the A380.

James Douglas, the leader of this so-called Development Team released a statement: “I personally want to apologise for what we did over at CST…. It was wrong and out of order. We have shut the page down but it says it will take 14 to go, Our team of 8 has disbanded and left, However, I think it was my personal fault and I personally am going to take this one for everyone…. I always had something in the back of my mind saying it wasn’t going to work, I don’t know why we tried to get it too…. No on else knew apart from one person that it was the PA model, so don’t place any blame on the EX members of our team, It is a big, big learning curve this one and I’m sure you will be happy to know I won’t be making anything for P3D or FSX ever again… I know it will be difficult but in the long run, I hope you guys as a community can forgive me for what I have done…”

Time and time again we’ve seen developers do these sorts of dodgy and sometimes criminal things, Our best advice is, don’t ever give money for a beta or donations to a development group with no history of success.

I know many will be disappointed by this news, but like most, I’m just annoyed that they tried to deceive our community. It looks like we may have to wait a little while longer for an A380.


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