CST Announce A380!


***UPDATE*** – Project Cancelled and Group Disbanded – https://pcflight.net/cst-a380-cancelled-dev-group-disbanded/

Cloud Surf Team announce that they’re now developing an Airbus A380!

This comes after the initial development of an Airbus A340 which they appear to have dropped in favour of the Super Jumbo. The A380 is I must stress, in VERY early development. They say it will be a study level simulation and may even be completed this year!

In a post to Facebook they wrote:

I think its about time we made a post about whats going on…. About a week after our last post we made a critical decsion, we had to decide whether or not to carry on with the A340-500NG project as it was reaching a stage which would have meant either going forward with the project or putting it on hold…. We have decided to put the A340-500NG project on gold indefinatley, The main reason we have decided to do this was that great developers such as BlackBox Simulations were already developing one and they have the knowledge base and resources to create a A340-500 that would have been a lot more in depth at the time….. Since our last update we have now got a team of 6 including a professional coder who will make creating our systems a lot easier!

Dont worry though, since our last update we have decided to create something bigger and better than anything else on the market today or so we think so at least, Infact we are going to have to wait for a 64bit P3D because the detail and complexity of our models would melt any 32bit game. Within the following months you will start to get more regular updates and hopefully by April we will show off some photos of our upcoming project…

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