Definitely No Return for Real Air Simulations


Real Air Simulations has released an update on their website clarifying their position regarding their return and installer updates.

In a post to their website, Real Air’s Sean Moloney said: “So just to be clear – the aircraft available at this site are not new or updated aircraft, they are simply new installers to be used by our existing customers that don’t require activation and work in newer versions of Flight Simulator.

This is to ensure RealAir customers can continue to use the products they paid for many years ago. Also, in response to some of the comments on various sites – I want to make it clear that they are definitely not “freeware”, I’ve tried to be as clear as possible about this in the wording on this site as well as in the installer EULAs.

Regarding a return to RealAir developing aircraft again – RealAir was a collaboration between Rob Young and myself, with joint ownership of the products between the two of us. Rob and I will not be collaborating on any future projects, and placing the existing RealAir aircraft back on sale is also not possible. So I can say with certainty that there will not be a return of RealAir Simulations.

I can say that I myself have again become involved in developing aircraft for P3D, and I hope to have some news in that regard shortly!”

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