Dovetail Flight Sim World Previews Released!


Orbx has been participating in the beta testing of Flight Sim World for Dovetail Games and today they’ve been allowed to release previews!

In a post to the Orbx forums, Orbx CEO John Venema wrote: “DTG today have given me permission to share some of our screenshots from testing as well as a selection of exclusive shots they have sent us.”

The next question on people’s tongues is of course about whether Orbx is going to develop for this new platform, he answered this by saying: “Please also don’t ask if Orbx is going to publish any content for this new platform.

We just aren’t ready to discuss anything of that nature until well after Early Access; it’s just too early for most developers to expect to make announcements yet. What I will say is that as a team we’re excited about new platforms and are always seeking new opportunities to drive market growth for our addons.”

For more information and to read the full forum post click here otherwise, enjoy the previews!


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