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Finally after nearly 8 years the long awaited Drzewiecki Design Warsaw Chopin airport(EPWA) has been released! Not only is this airport Poland’s busiest airport, but it’s also one of the biggest! Knowing Drzewiecki Design a wonder is to be discovered!


After purchasing the scenery from Drzewiecki design’s website, you receive an installer of about 450MB which you have to execute. After executing it a wizard will guide you through the installation. It’ll ask you for the simulator path (FSX/FSX SE/P3D) and afterwards it’ll ask you whether you wish to have static aircrafts installed. After selecting whether you’d like it or not, you’re just one click away from the actual installation. After clicking on next, the scenery will install and add itself automatically to the scenery library.


First Impressions

Like I said in the introduction, Drzewiecki design is well reputed for its scenery so my expectations were quite high. As soon as my flight simulator loaded up and as I sat there in the virtual cockpit ‘staring’ at the terminal I knew that Drezwiecki hadn’t let me down. So there I was; eager to discover the airport, so eager that I almost tried taxiing without my engines started (stupid me :-p ). So As soon as I got those started I started taxiing to the nearest runway.


As I was taxiing to the runway I was really impressed with the detail of the buildings and taxiways. But it was only once in the air that I could really enjoy the view. What a detailed view! After taking off from runway 15 I only then realised that the airport was really breath-taking! After flying a bit around inspecting the airport in every little corner from the sky, I landed on the opposite runway and taxied to the stand.

Scenery coverage/Compatibility

This scenery covers all taxiways, aprons, runways and a small area around the airport(834 hectares in total if I’m not mistaken). The scenery is compatible with third-party software(e.g. I use FTX Global and the airport blends in perfectly with the scenery, with the exception of the photographic highway). Another great feature of this scenery is that it’s fully compatible with FSDT GSX! Not only does the marshaller guide you correctly into the gate but the jetways are fully compatible too!



This scenery is extremely detailed. Not only is the scenery eye-catching, but it’s a very precise replication of the real airport (the terminals, taxiways, etc. are at the corresponding coordinates). It’s amazing how much precision there is: the terminal roofs include solar panels, etc. And I’m also very impressed by the taxiway and runway markings (it’s also very detailed and taxiway indications, no entry signs, etc. are placed as they are in real life). The jetways are also very impressive and as said in the scenery compatibility, fully operational (by pressing shift+d)! The terminal buildings are very realistic. In place of just pasting pictures of the terminal on the walls of the terminal is the terminal modelled into the smallest details!


Night time flying

If you enjoy just like me to do some night time VFR flying, is this airport great! The taxiway and runway lights turn on as soon as dusk starts making the airport extremely well visible for incoming traffic.   Also, the lights are not too bright or too dimmed, making the airport visible from ranges that you’d expect in real life. There’s also a great detail to the ‘lightbulbs’ next to the taxiways and runways making the scenery even more realistic and a pleasure to fly to/from.




The scenery comes with three pdfs: a general manual, charts and explanation on the jetways. In the manual is the history and evolution of Warsaw Chopin airport explained, afterwards comes a page on which the installation process is described, a link to the charts, the scenery features highlighted, compatibility explained, credits and a disclaimer.

In the pdf called SODE Jetways, we receive an explanation on how the jetways are modelled (what language they’re scripted with etc.) and how to use the jetways. There must always be at least one defined door position on the aircraft for the jetways to work correctly.


Great work Drzewiecki! Your level of detail is beyond imagination. This airport really defines the motto of flight simulation “As Real As It Gets”!

For more information and to purchase click here


8.9 Frame Heavy

Great work Drzewiecki! 7 Years is a long time to wait, but your level of detail is beyond imagination. This airport really defines the motto of flight simulation “As Real As It Gets”! and is certainly a must have for all those that love Poland!

  • First Impressions 10
  • Scenery Coverage / Compatibility 8
  • Detail 9
  • Documentation 8.5
  • User Ratings (14 Votes) 6.3

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