Episode 17 | QualityWings’s Lars Roennig


This weeks episode features the Vice-President of QualityWings Simulations, Lars Roennig!

We chat about a plethora of different things including getting an insight into the development of the Boeing 787!

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  1. Harvett Bradford on

    Wow, I just heard the interview and I must say that this is a Beautiful Bird. I purchased it in mid June and as of this date have not been able to put it down. Great Job Quality Wings you are thinking out of the box whit you jump ahead feature , I love the Flight Bag set up which I think is the cherry on top. This is definitely PMDG level of above , you go QW you are headed in the right direction.

  2. Really enjoy these podcasts, please keep them coming. You always ask some interesting questions:)

  3. Maarten Otto on

    Missed only one question:

    What’s next…

    They ditched their 737-400 development so I would like to know what they are thinking of on a next release in a few years.

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