F-86F Sabre Release for DCS


Belsimtek has released its new F-86 Sabre for DCS, the development of this aircraft has been highly anticipated as people were speculating that belsimtek would do what they good at which is create highly detailed version of vintage aircraft. They succeeded.

The F-86F Sabre offers the opportunity to learn how to fly this historic aircraft. Not only that you can also operate the complex weapons systems in a full combat environment. As a fighter it is armed with six Colt-Browning m3 .50 caliber machine guns. In a role of ground attack, it can drop free falling bombs on targets. All of this can be simulated in a full combat mission inside of DCS.

The flight model was created using actual data from the development of the real aircraft. This includes wind tunnels data. The flight correctly responds to control inputs and also represents the sabres specific characteristics all the way through the flight envelope. The cockpit itself is fully 3D, interactive and fully functional.


The cockpit itself is fully 3D, interactive and fully functional.

For those who are beginners or just want to not have to worry about the complex systems that are in the Sabre then don’t fear because it has an ‘Easy Mode’ this provides hint and tips, as well as easing the flight controls to make the risk of incurring a stall or spin minimal. There is also a complete flight manual that contains everything about how to operate aircraft and also a history of the real aircraft.

For the price of  $49 it is expensive, but when considering what you get for you money it doesn’t seem so bad.

Buy Here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/sabre/


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