Flight Sim Labs A320X Fully Released!


Flight Sim Labs have finally opened up the flood gates to the masses meaning you now go get the A320X!

In a post to Facebook they wrote “We’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your support as well as the amazing patience that you’ve shown while our Early Adopters program was active. For the past six days, we’ve feverishly tried to smooth the installation issues that a few of our Early Adopters have brought to our attention, update our FAQs with new knowledge acquired by several one-on-one Skype and Teamviewer sessions, while at the same time taking advantage of that opportunity to knock out some bugs that were discovered in this period.

We are now opening up our store again for everyone as we do not wish to delay your anticipation any longer. While no product ever gets released issue-free, we feel that any significant issues have been brought to our attention and are now resolved. If we have missed or subsequently discover any new issues, we will be standing at the ready to correct them to the best of our ability. We also wish to remind everyone that we’ll be regularly updating, enhancing and improving the A320-X and the rest of our product line in the future.

Once again, thank you so very much for your patience. The A320-X has been a long time coming, so I don’t want to delay you any further – feel free to go to our web page to purchase your copy. Please be sure to read the notice about making your purchase in USD$ if you’re located outside the USA, as conversion rates are always more preferable when they are on your credit card. We hope you enjoy the A320-X and that you will come back to our forum to tell us all about it!”

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