Flight1 Ultimate Traffic Live Previews + More Info!


Last week Flight1 released previews of their upcoming Ultimate Traffic Live software!

In a post to the Flight1 Forums they wrote: “Ultimate Traffic Live is getting closer. There is a lot new in this version, including a complete rewrite of the traffic engine, routes based on real-world SIDS/STARS, and some other neat features. Ultimate Traffic Live is compatible with FSX Boxed/FSX Steam/Prepar3D v2/Prepar3d v3. More info will be coming out soon. Hope you enjoy some of these preview pictures! Brand new interface…”

Featured as mentioned in the previews is a brand new interface that takes a very modern style and looks to be fairly simple to use.

Earlier today Flight1’s Steve Halpern added more information about the software, writing: “FPS is adjustable, so you would have to make some adjustments through the interface. I will post some new pics showing the settings. ATC programs should work fine, as the traffic is injected into the simulator, so the simulation should be aware of the traffic.

The size of the program is considerably smaller on disk, because instead of pre-packing all the route interval points, it is flight plan based. So you can import custom routings if you want. This gives the simulator a lot of flexibility. About P3D v4, and of course the upcoming sim from Dovetail… At this point we have no idea about how this product would work with those sims. We will have to see them first! But of course we will see if UTLive can be made compatible with them.”

In response to questions, about how live the traffic would be and whether it would take data from sites like FlightRadar24 or Flightware he responded by saying: “The Live concept is not based around ATC, but more about how the simulation can adapt to different scenarios or conditions within the sim. For example, flight delays.”

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