Fly The Maddog X SP1 64bit Released!


The development team at Leonardo Software House today announced the release of Service Pack 1 for their popular Fly the Maddog X addon!

In a post to their Facebook page, they wrote: “After many hundred hours of work, I’m glad to inform this community that Service Pack 1 has been released.”

The release is classed as an ‘open beta’ meaning that the team, “think this release is stable enough for a public release, but since we are not able to run it on multiple platforms/configurations/settings/addon issues may still arise.”

Earlier this month, the team released a statement announcing what was included in the service pack, they said: “In this update we decided to focus on the improvement of the visual rendering, enhancing the “playability” and the clearness for a better ease of use, rethinking the whole structure in order to lay the basis for future features, and continuing to develop the aircraft systems.”

The development team has made many improvements to the aircraft including a “complete visual restyle”, for the cockpit, “Every inch of the textures have been checked and remapped where necessary, all errors have been corrected, fonts improved, using references from the real panels.”

Other additions include a transponder upgrade, to the Gables G7490 ADS equipped transponder is one of the biggest visual changes, together with adding the amazing animation of the sun visors. Other animations (e.g. gear lever, window frames) have been fixed. In the external model, the development team has fixed all the reported issues; Wing flex has been increased, although they’ve faced some challenges due to the original design of the wings.

The dev team said: “It might not be as much as you would like to see, but we will first get your feedback and opinion before having to tear the whole wings apart.”

Instructions for download are as follows: “Go to our forums – download center- open beta installers. You will find build 301 ready for download”

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