Fly the Maddog X SP1 Info Released!


The team over at Leonardo Software House have released a statement detailing the changes to be made in the upcoming Service Pack for their popular Fly the Maddog X!

In a post to the developer’s forums, the team wrote: “As the SP1 beta has been officially released to our testers, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the upcoming SP1 update and its features for the 64bit platform (P3Dv4.1 and above, a 32bit SP1 will follow after the 64bit release).

They continued: “In this update we decided to focus on the improvement of the visual rendering, enhancing the “playability” and the clearness for a better ease of use, rethinking the whole structure in order to lay the basis for future features, and continuing to develop the aircraft systems.

In doing all this we really valued your feedback and we believe we satisfied most of your requests.”

The development team has made many improvements to the aircraft including a “complete visual restyle”, for the cockpit, “Every inch of the textures have been checked and remapped where necessary, all errors have been corrected, fonts improved, using references from the real panels.”

Other additions include a transponder upgrade, to the Gables G7490 ADS equipped transponder is one of the biggest visual changes, together with adding the amazing animation of the sun visors. Other animations (e.g. gear lever, window frames) have been fixed.

In the external model, the development team has fixed all the reported issues; Wing flex has been increased, although they’ve faced some challenges due to the original design of the wings.

The dev team said: “It might not be as much as you would like to see, but we will first get your feedback and opinion before having to tear the whole wings apart.”

Maddog Maintenance System

This will be just the foundation of a complex random/maintenance based failures we want to develop.

There are 2 different maintenance checks:

  • A Weekly check based on calendar days
  • A Service check every 100 block hours.
  • Additionally, you have options to perform independent maintenance actions:
    • Service the APU
    • Replace brakes
    • Replace battery

(Service check includes all of the above)

Each airframe builds up an independent amount of engine hours (per engine), apu hours, flight cycles. Oil, Hyd fluids consumption for each airframe will tend to increase with amount of hours until service check.

Furthermore, the SP1 includes a “turnaround mode” which will allow you to find the aircraft the same way you left it.

The post also addressed the future of the project: “For those of you eagerly waiting for the Shared Cockpit function we want to reassure you that it is still in the plans and possibly one of the next project in line. As previously announced after stabilizing the FSX version with a dedicated Service Pack for the 32bit platforms, we will focus on the single P3D 64bit environment.

We believe we can only continue to improve on a live platform which grows and expands, rather than try to fix groundbreaking new features on an old platform that simply does not support them. We truly believe the transition is worth, and we want to encourage it by continue offering the upgrade for just the price difference only. We trust you will enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it, and we hope you will value the huge amount of time we invested in it.”

For more information and to read the full post, click here


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