FlythemaddogX Status Update & Previews!


Leonardo Software House has today released a status update on their FlythemaddogX project including previews and videos!

In a post to their Facebook page, the development team wrote: “We are going to give our beta group what we expect to be the last beta prior the 1.0 release.

If everything is ok, the Maddog X could be available during this week. We will tell you exactly when in the next few days.

As you know, P3Dv4.2 is out. Maddog X is compatible out of the box, and runs without issues; we still have to evaluate if there is some new feature in 4.2 that can be added, but our policy for the moment is to keep 4.1 as the basic reference for the 1.00 release.”

Fly the Maddog X will be available in two versions via simMarket:

  • 64bit edition (P3Dv4.1-v4.2), that will cost 80€.
  • 32 bit edition (FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv3.4) 65€.
  • There will be a 5€ discount for both versions during the first week upon release. News for the customers of the legacy version shortly.

The team has launched a website for the product, take a look at:

The development team has also released the official preview video of the product, check it out below:

Along with this status update came several new preview images, check them out below:


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