FS2Crew Majestic Q400 Released!


FS2Crew have surprised us all with the release of their voice control for the notoriously difficult to fly Majestic Q400!

This aircraft is one of the most complex and detailed in the whole flight simulation inductry and it’s always nice to have a helping hand sometimes. FS2Crew have released their voice control package that might help with that!

Here’s what they said in a post on their FaceBook page:
1. P3D V3 Version. Please wait for FS2Crew to release official P3D V3 installers for the Majestic Dash 8. Do not try to “migrate” FS2Crew into P3D V3. It won’t work because P3D V3 makes some changes.

2. Q400 “Pro” version. This product will be released very shortly. FS2Crew should work out of the box with it, but we won’t know until we can test with the final version.

ETA: Aiming for the end of this week, but no guarantees. A lot hinges on the “Pro” version.


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  1. Josh Wilkins on

    You do realise nothing has been released?… The Q400 voice has been released surplus of 1 year

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