FS2Crew NGX Reboot Status Update


FS2Crew recently posted a status update for the NGX reboot. It seems to be a question and answer styled update. Hopefully it answers most of your questions.

If you’re not familiar to what the reboot is, it’s going to be a totally redesigned and re-recorded version of the current FS2Crew for the NGX. Basically it should be better in every way when it’s released. Below is the full post:


Well, I had hoped to release this weekend. The runway was in sight and but I looked out the window and saw a few bugs on the runway that forced me to pull up and go around.

Again, apologies for the release delay, but NGX Reboot is the most in depth, most immersive and most complex FS2Crew ever, literally.

It’s essentially three FS2Crew’s in one, but I’d rather deal with bugs now than on release day.

It will take me about a day or two to resolve the bugs (most are associated with SOP Set #3, you’ll all going to love that one… it’s different!), then I’ll send out another Release Candidate to the beta team.

If I get the thumbs up, I’ll launch the product.

We’re that close. I’m working on this full time, 7 days a week to deliver you Reboot.

To answer some questions I’ve been getting via email:

Question: I am very proficient with FS2Crew NGX Legacy. Will I need to read the Reboot Manual?

Answer: Most definitely. NGX Reboot is a very different product from Legacy. I can’t stress that enough. SOP Set #3 in particular is very unique. Reboot ships with three different SOP Sets, and we have a real-world 737 pilot assigned to each SOP set. Each SOP set is unique as every airline does things their own way to a degree. The manuals are a must.

Question: Did you record new voice sets or are you using the old ones?

Answer: Yes, new ones, we have over 3500 brand new recordings in Reboot.

Question: Will you be doing a Reboot for the 777?

Answer: Probably not. The 777 is still fairly new as it was released last fall. We revisited the 737 NGX because the PMDG 737 NGX is my personal favorite FSX aircraft, and we believe that’s it’s probably the most actively used payware FS aircraft in FS history. FS2Crew NGX is currently around three years old, and if any plane out there is worthy of a Reboot, it’s the mighty PMDG 737 NGX.

Question: Does Reboot support Steam FSX and P3D, too?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Is there a Button Control version?

Answer: Button Control and Voice control are combined together, the same way the 777 was. Button Control is limited to SOP Set #2.

Any questions, feel free to ask!


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