FS2CREW PMDG 777 Version 1.5 – Released!


FS2Crew have been working on this update for some time now it’s finally ready for release! Along with the post below they also had a very tense video!

FS2Crew 777 is the only “official”, PMDG endorsed Flight Crew expansion pack for the PMDG 777.

Version 1.5 is a big update that includes a brand new French voice set and other important improvements!

Especially interesting for our many francophone users is that the voice recognition system has been updated to accept spoken French for a few select phrases (for example: “le demarrage de la sequence est deux puis une”.)

That’s something that has never been done before in any voice control addon that we know of!

We tested it with both continental French and Quebec French accents, and it worked quite well. The thing to note, however, is that your speech recognizer must remain on ENGLISH – US.

And remember: If you can’t do Voice Control, the program includes Button Control, and anyone can use that!

Please visit the FS2Crew Support forum at Avsim.com to view the full Change Log and information on how to obtain the update.

For more information and to download the update click here


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