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We’ve all got to agree, that by itself the PMDG 777 is a stunning aircraft. But like many other aircraft there’s always something missing and until now I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. FSFX Packages came along with there 777 Immersion and it clicked. Realistic FX were the things that were missing from the 777!


The installation of 777 Immersion is quite simple. You download the package and then install it. Configuring the package is different, you have to sign into the panel using your Old Prop ID and password. This will then bring up a screen that enables you to configure what simulation you would like to install it into and also what effects your want.


The Effects

When you install the 777 Immersion it will add a multitude of different effects that add that extra bit of realism that you have been looking for. An example being realistic touchdown effects instead of the clouds of smoke every time you touchdown. Here’s a full list of the effects:

  • Touchdown
  • Contrails
  • Cold Start Smoke
  • Engine Jet Wash
  • Engine Condensation
  • Lateral Jet Blast on Rotation
  • Wing Condensation
  • Volumetric Lighting
  • Wing/Flap/Engine Vortices
  • Brake Dust
  • Engine Water Spout
  • Raindrops From Fuselage
  • Wheel Spray

As you can see, these cover most of the things you would expect, for me the most exciting and most spectacular was the Volumetric Lightning, for me it was the most prominent feature only when flying at night through clouds.

Another major effect that I found to be very good was the contrails. The default ones inside of FSX aren’t that great. The FSFX ones are spectacular, I was cruising along at 37,000ft on Vatsim and saw other peoples contrails. They didn’t look anywhere near as good.

FSFX 777 Immersion really comes into it’s element when you are flying in bad weather. Rain is something that triggers a lot of the FX and I found myself purposefully flying into bad weather to see what it would do.


Why Buy it?

It’s a good question and one I find difficult to answer, If you are the kind of pilot that sits in the cockpit of the 777 and never looks outside then this isn’t for you. But for everyone else, this is perfect and is stunning to see. If you make FSX or P3D videos then this is perfect and will add another element of realism to your videos. It’s only £15 which I think is a bargain for something that does so much to improve the visual effects that come with the PMDG 777!


In conclusion, I think that FSFX 777 Immersion is brilliant, I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s at such as good price that it’s almost impossible not to buy it. However if you aren’t going to look outside the aircraft then it might not be for you because you won’t make full use of what it is trying to achieve! Overall an incredible addition to my flight sim and certainly something for everyone to think about buying!


8.3 Stunning!

Overall an incredible addition to my flight sim and certainly something for everyone to think about buying! At the price of only £15 it is very inexpensive and adds a lot to the experience and really makes a big difference to the overall aesthetics of the sim!

  • Installation 8
  • The Effects 9
  • Cost 8
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 9.4

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