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When I first looked at the FSFX Immersions packs, I thought it only came to a good way to increase your VAS, and with the 777 that ain’t good! I then watched some youtubers and changed my mind, and bought the FSFX Immersion pack for the 777, I wasn’t a fan, it didn’t work up to my expectations, guaranteed it was realistic, but sometimes you only want to just see some cool effects. But again I liked it because it didn’t kill my VAS!

When I was asked to review the FSFX Add-on for the A320. I jumped at the chance because I love the A320 and I wanted to see what the package would do to it! The download and install where pretty intuitive.


A little declaration of mine, my first flight with the Immersion pack isn’t the one in the screenshots. My first flight was taking the A319 from Liverpool (EGGP) to Belfast (EGAA), I flew it at a flightsim meet I was at, a number of other simmers didn’t believe I was flying the Aerosoft Airbus, they had thought I had wiggled my way onto the FSLABS BETA test team. This alone shows you how positive the feedback has been! We got airborne out of a wet runway, it is the only time I have managed to make the wet blast thing work, then we climbed out and the wing condensation appeared, I made my climb deliberately steep, I then looked at the condensation, it only appeared where it should have.

2To explain this I need to talk physics for as bit, if you lower the air pressure water boils at a lower temperature (at the top of Everest water boils at 71C), so if the angle of attack is high enough and there is enough air in the atmosphere it basically boils and turns into vapour, hence the wing condensation occurs. And it only stays in the low pressure area. Same in front of the engines as the pressure drops their too!


The actual product review it is an amazing product, it does cause VAS issues however as I tried to do two trips, EGGP (Liverpool)- EGAA (Belfast)- EGNT (Newcastle) and FSX:SteamEdition which has the better VAS management OOMed on final to Newcastle. Otherwise however in the week I have been flying I have had no issues with the aircraft. In some cases it does cause VAS issues. I am however looking forward to the release of their next products such as the Dash 8 and 737 NGX.

By Adan Jan Sander

(PCFlight Reviews Editor)


9.3 Stunning

A stunning addition to an already amazing aircraft! Quite simply the best FX package for the A320 out there and is a must buy for those video producers out there!

  • Installation 9
  • Control Panel 9
  • The FX 10
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 9.5

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