FSFX Packages – PrecipitFX Update!


Since the release of PrecipitFX a few months ago, FSFX packages has received numerous positive feedback from their customers, which led them to launch their second update last week.

The update includes support for the Prepar3D platform of much of precipitFX features, including their well known realistic rain and snow textures. FSFX packages is glad to announce that following the release of 777 immersion, more improvements will be made towards the betterment of precipitFX. This update will automatically be included in the product offered through their website.

FSFX packages is committed to work on their products up to first-class flight simulator addons. The team hereby works on several anticipated products for the flight simulator community, which they believe will bring the two main flight simulators a very much needed realistic touch, signed FSFX packages.

PrecipitFX includes the following features, of which most are available now for prepar3D!

  • Enhanced rain and snow textures
  • New contrails
  • Realistic 3D wingtip vortices
  • Wheels effect under rain and snow conditions
  • Engine jet wash under rain and snow conditions
  • Excellent brake smoke effects.




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