FSFX Packages Q3 2015 Status Update!


The last quarter has been very good for FSFX Packages they’ve released an update which describes what’s in store for the next quarter.

Hi fellow simmers!

Another quarter, another update! Although this one is not as big as the last one, we still have something cool that’s coming up and some news about FSFX Packages!

A320 Family Immersion
A few weeks ago, we released our fabulous A320 Family Immersion package for the Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 and A320/A321 products. A320 Family Immersion is the second product in the Immersion series after the well known 777 Immersion which was release in December of last year. Moreover to the extensive lists of visual effects, A320 Family Immersion offers volumetric navigation lights!

Here are a few shots we had laying around, we thought you’d be interested to see them:

marketing-18_edit marketing-20_edit marketing-21_edit

A320 Family Immersion is also featured in Jeroen Doorman‘s latest creation for FSDG’s Paro Airport:

Now that the product is released, we hope to hear more about YOUR stories. Feel free to share stories and photos on our Facebook page, or write to us! We will be publishing some of them on our Facebook page over the following months.


FlightSimCon 2015
Wow… we are still speechless more than a month after the event and for that reason we thought for a second we would just leave a blank paragraph… but then, we thought it would be counteractive to do so as we want to share the fun we had! This year’s event was the biggest Flight Simulation event is America. Over the weekend, we had the chance to meet quite a few famous stars in the world of Flight Sim during the weekend including D’André Newman from AirDailyX.net, Winfried Diekmann from Aerosoft, Robert Randazzo from PMDG, Pete fromFrooglesim, and Ben Supnik from X-Plane. Lots of discussions for a ton of interesting project ideas! Finally, we’d like to give a big thank you for everyone who came by to meet us and share thoughts and ideas!

Surprise Surprise
Uh oh! We are very excited as we are presenting for the very first time a little project we have been working on in the past few months. It’s nothing big, but it’s a great tool. If you like the FSFX Packages simplistic touch, you will love this product. We won’t release too much information, but one thing is for sure, it will be a new goodie available for free to existing customers. More information will come as we wrap it up!

Next Products
We have thought about it quite for a long time. We rocked the Flight Sim community with the 777, prolonged the suspense with the A320 Immersion to please the Airbus fans, but then we figured out: hey, how about the most popular commercial airliner? Then, our communication marketing guy said: Q400?

Hence, we have decided that the next product in the Immersion series will be… the PMDG 737, you’ve heard right!

But, because we like to tease you guys! Here’s a short video of the early development stages of Q400 Immersion. This is the video we showed at FlightSimCon.

Fullscreen is recomended 😉

We believe that this accounts for a great review of everything we have been working on thus far. FSFX Packages is bound to make the best effects packages and this is why your input is important. Don’t hesitate to send us an email as we are glad to read your ideas and comments. Be sure to check this page and our Facebook page regularly as we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

Have a great day,
The FSFX Packages team!


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