FSFX Packages Q4 Status Update | PMDG 747 | FSL A320 & Much More!


Just a couple of weeks after announcing Chaseplane FSFX Packages are back with a Q4 Status update!


Many of you will know, on September 21st we announced ChasePlane, A next generation camera system for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. The full press release can be accessed here. The response was instantaneous and many of you are eagerly waiting for the Alpha Program. Various questions were floating around forums, Facebook posts and blog articles and we will try to answer them here!

How can I join the Alpha Program?
In early November, anyone will be able to join the Alpha program through the product page on the website . Follow our social medias and register for email updates in your account to know in advance when the product page becomes available.

Will ChasePlane include a static camera mode (or “World” camera mode)?
Yes. The list of presets will also change depending on your location in the world. This feature is currently a work in progress but the fundamentals are already functional.

Will camera presets be stored locally?
No, presets will be stored in the cloud and are downloaded when the application launches. Many applications are reliant on an Internet connection these days, it is the best way to ensure you never loose your presets. As long as you have access to the Internet when launching and closing the application, you are good to go.

Will it be possible to assign shortcut keys to specific camera presets
Yes. Sadly, this feature didn’t make it into the Sept 21 presentation but the feature was working properly a few days later and has been demoed during the International Flight Sim Web Conference (stream included below).

Compatibility with TrackIR and FlyInside?
Support for head tracking applications is planned for v1.0 but haven’t been looked at yet. We need to make sure basic camera functionalities are working properly before shifting our focus to making TrackIR and FlyInside compatible.

Will ChasePlane work on Networked Simulation Systems
We definitely have a great interest in Network Simulation Systems but there will be no such support included in the v1.0 release.

Will ChasePlane include a usable replay system
A replay system is planned. Right now, we need to make sure basic camera functionalities are working properly before shifting our focus to making a replay system.

Intl Flight Sim Web Conference 2016

On September 24th, we made a Live Demo of unseen ChasePlane functionalities. You can see our part of the conference here:


FlightSim 2016 at Cosford

We will be attending FlightSim 2016 at Cosford this year. We will be roaming around all day! Look around, we will be wearing our black FSFX Packages shirts. Ask us questions, we will be more than happy to answer them. This is the last event we plan on attending this year.

Q400 Immersion

Q400 Immersion has been in development for quite some time now! The Beta is going very well and we will be preparing the release as soon as ChasePlane’s 1st Alpha becomes stable. The only thing we’re missing right now is time. We expect availability in December.

Flight Sim Labs A320X

We will be looking at it after the release of Q400 Immersion. We don’t have anything else to announce on that matter for now.

PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II

Hold your horses, the aircraft isn’t even available yet!

We believe this makes for a good roundup of what we have been working on and what we are looking up to in the future. FSFX Packages is bound to make the best effects packages and this is why your input is important. Don’t hesitate to send us an email as we are glad to read your ideas and comments. Be sure to check this page and our Facebook page regularly as we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

Have a great day,
The FSFX Packages team!

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