FSFX Q2 Update – A320 NGX &Q400!


This is crazy and i’m sure everyone is as excited about this as I am. But FSFX packages the people behind the 777 Immersion have released a Q2 update on there blog it read like this:

We have been away from social medias lately given that we enjoyed a few weeks of vacation, which was beneficial for all the team. We are now back on track, ready to bring you more Immersion awesomeness! From this date onwards, we will be making quarterly updates on our progress for the various products currently in the making. Official product announcements will also be made available through these quarterly updates, although you may very well find occasional sneak-peeks through our Facebook page!

A320 Family Immersion
Our next visual effects package is all about the A320 family, the A318, A319, A320 and A321, that is. Each effect in this package was inspired from our popular 777 Immersion Package. They were all extensively modified to embrace the lines and particularities of the Aerosoft A320 series. From the screenshots below, you will see that the results are nothing short of spectacular!


Here’s a summarized list of the effects included in the A320 Family Immersion Package:

  • Engine blast on wet or snowy pavements (also includes reversers effect)
  • Custom contrails (also at ground level when it’s blizzard cold and air is saturated, i.e. Russia)
  • Engine startup smoke when it is cold
  • Engines lift vanes vortices when the air is saturated
  • Volumetric lighting for landing lights, runway turnoffs, taxi lights and logo lights (some of which includes our exclusive fade-in fade-out feature, just like the real airplane lights do)
  • Brake dust when retracting the gear
  • Wing condensation when the air is saturated
  • Engine condensation when the air is saturated
  • Engines are sucking water and snow from the ground
  • Custom touchdown effect
  • Custom wheels spray on wet and snow pavement.

Release date
We hope to make A320 Family Immersion available to all simmers for late May to mid-June 2015. We do not have a specific date yet but when we do, you will see a countdown appear on the website just like we did for the 777 Immersion Package.

737 Immersion
While we thought the NGX would be the next to go through our Immersion Packages pipeline, we find that it requires a bit more time and consideration than other aircrafts. We are still working on the nitty-gritty, but we want to make sure it is perfect before previewing it and making it available to you guys. We know many of you are waiting for it, and we know that expectations are high for a top line quality product such as the NGX! We do not have an ETA for that one sadly. However, we will keep you updated, as always.

Q400 Immersion
Yes, we are making it, yes it sounds and – from what we have done so far – looks amazingly amazing, yes we will be previewing it at FlightSimCon in June 2015, no we don’t have a release date or price set for it yet. The only thing I can tell now is that some of our crew members are avid fans of the Q400, so be sure we will be offering top-notch quality just like in every products we have offered so far.

We believe that this accounts for a great review of everything we have been working on thus far. FSFX Packages is bound to make the best effects packages and this is why your input is important. Don’t hesitate to send us an email as we are glad to read your ideas and comments. Be sure to check this page and our Facebook page regularly as we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

So there you go guys, They are actually planning on doing products for the 737, Q400 and the A320. All of this is coming soon and I’m sure you are as excited about it as I am.

For more information and to read the full blog post click here


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