FSLabs Issue Resolved


It’s all been settled, the issue that arose yesterday regarding FSLabs and copyright has been resolved with a statement from both sides.

In a post to the Aerosoft forums Winfried Diekmann CEO of Aerosoft wrote:


After reading this thread I decided to reply officially. About two weeks ago we found a small number of 3D objects in the update of the FSL Airbus. So we contacted Lefteris and found him really surprised. I talked to him on the phone as we didn’t want to do anything without having talked and I found out that he didn’t knew about it before we told him. So the files may be used by accident (honestly it was a mistake by comparing some objects between the two airbusses and some wrong objects were deleted) “The good coments were really a nice compliment to our 3D artist Stefan” 😉 We decided together not to make a big deal out of this and FSL has solved the problem with a new update.”Shit happens” 😉 I am sure FSL doesn’t need to use Aerosoft objects in an update because they have the capacity to do them by themself. So for everybody, for me this is no longer an issue. We have a good relationship to FSL since many year and no reason to change it. Btw.: I was surprised that this thread was opened anonymously. I don’t like this kind a usage of forums because it is cowardly.

I wish you and all our customers a contemplative Christmas season and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards

Winfried Diekmann

Aerosoft, CEO”

The post has been unlocked so Flight Sim Labs has had a chance to officially respond, they wrote:


It was quite surprising for me to read some comments by anonymous sources accusing Flight Sim Labs of piracy.

Everyone is quite aware that FSLabs and Aerosoft have enjoyed many years of prosperous and mutually enjoyed relationship and none of the competition some people have been so happy to imagine between us.

Winfried called me a couple weeks ago to describe some findings by Stefan, their A320 series 3d modeler which found me and my team by surprise. After looking into the matter as we felt obliged to do, we discovered that some years ago, when we performed a side-by-side comparison of our model with theirs inside 3ds Max, a very small amount of of 3d polygons in the hundreds of thousands that exist in our VC were deleted in error (ours instead of theirs). Theirs remained behind.

This went entirely undetected (both products are very accurate in depicting the Airbus cockpit) until Winfried alerted us about it.

We both decided it was a small issue that would be rectified very quickly with an update – this has already happened by now and our product has once again the correct original objects in place (yes, yes, the tiller among a few others).

I have apologized to Winfried (and Stefan) for the accident, he recognized this was entirely unintentional and the story ends there.

I am, however, quite surprised that some people lacked the decency or strength to come out and alert us on this using their own names, but instead chose to hide behind the anonymity offered by the Internet. Winfried called it cowardly – I agree with him.

Aerosoft and FSLabs are able to resolve matters internally by simply picking up the phone. We enjoy and will continue to enjoy a very amicable relationship – after all, it was in their conference that we even presented our A320-X in the first place and we are known to share a beer or three together when the opportunity lends itself.

We wish you as well a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards,

Lefteris Kalamaras

Flight Sim Labs, Ltd.”

Finally some clarification on what happened, for more information click here


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