FSX Boxed Edition Prices Soar!


When Dovetail games released the Steam Edition of FSX earlier this month something quite extraordinary happened!

The boxed edition of FSX that we know and love has rocketed up in price from around about £17 to an average of £50. In some places the price can be as high as £99.

It seems that some people are taking advantage of the fact that the production of the discs and the progression onto steam is somewhat taking the focus away from FSX Boxed Edition.

Even on Ebay the price is still at least 3 times what I paid back in 2012. So if you have your discs, my advice is not to loose them, you will be paying through the roof for new ones. If you still have them, i guess you could flog them on ebay for £100 because people are actually paying these prices for the discs.

If the prices go up any more this could turn into P3D, that would be a strange situation if the prices for FSX actually higher than P3D.

Amazon (2)

The screenshot above shows amazon, this is where I bought my copies of FSX and i’m sure quite a few of you did the same. However, I can’t remember the prices being that high!

So, of you wanted the boxed edition of FSX then you are going to have to find somewhere else that sells them. If your going to sell then now is the time.


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