FSX Steam Edition “Flight Game X”?


There have been a few rumors going around in the flight sim community about the future of FSX, especially dovetails role in it.

Last month PCFlight did a podcast talking about the pros and cons of dovetail buying FSX licensing. It appears that the cons have all come true. Last night Matt Davies said this “Just spent some time speaking with a tester from the Steam version of FSX… my fears are confirmed. Welcome to Flight Game X. That’s all I’m saying. I’m genuinely sad.”

I feel genuinely saddened to, imagine an FSX where you have to buy all the addons via DLC! It wouldn’t be the same. On the subject of addons developers “PMDG stated that talks have not gone well with Dovetail as well. Since the announcement of this I have been saying that people should manage their expectations.” that was Jason Row, I think that it sums it up.

Dovetail potentially could have ruined FSX!


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