FTX Central v2 Public Beta!


Yesterday ORBX released to the world their latest version of the FTX Central for beta testing!

Some of the major changes include:
  • Centralised architecture (one copy of FTX Central for all your simulators).
  • Modern user interface. Easily see the products you have installed in logical groups.
  • Products will now notify you when they require an update.
  • Optimisations that will make FTX Central run faster.
  • True asynchronicity for the whole program. The UI will continue to be responsive even when performing intensive operations like switching regions.
  • Self-updating functionality. This means we’ll be able to deploy updates to FTX Central even faster (think of the P3Dv2.5 patch for the old FTX Central – you’ll be flying even sooner).
  • Better error logging (the application ideally shouldn’t crash at all).
  • Many more small changes…

For more information and to download the beta copy of this product click here


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