FTX Trees HD – Immersion Redefined!


FTX Trees HD is a complete overhaul of the FTX autogen tree textures, lending new and incredible realism to your simulation experience!

The new trees are double the resolution of the default textures, resulting in crisp, clear detail without a noticeable drop in performance.  The new textures are derived from high-resolution architectural visualization images, as well as my own photos, for maximum realism.  They have been expertly color-matched to give you the top-quality FS experience that you have come to expect from ORBX.


  • Breathtaking new HD autogen tree textures – Over 100 new texture sheets derived from photos of real trees
  • Immersion like you’ve never seen before in FS!
  • Incredible low-level flying experience
  • Negligible performance hit
  • Compatible with all FTX products – Replaces textures for Global, AU, NA, NZ, and EU regions!
  • Seamless installation – no new control panels or complications

The screenshots so far look awesome and will definitely immerse you into the realism even more! For more information click here


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