GayaSimulation Genova Preview + A New Airport!


Gayasimulations have been giving us a look at Genova Airport and the progress they’ve made.

Gayasimulations previewed these stunning shots of Genova Airport and also mentioned a new airport they’re going to start work on. It has been confirmed as Brussels International Airport!

This will be a very different class of airport GayaSimulations is used to developing but im sure going by what I’ve already seen from them it will turnout to be very good.

They will have to compete with the likes of Aerosoft with their Mega Airport Scenery but im sure it should turnout just fine!

12183874_372097482960913_2400719378600559597_o 12183899_372097439627584_7536797721375862704_o 12185111_372097446294250_473466977235607846_o



Source: GayaSimulation – After the city preview, let us show you some of…


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