Honeycomb Aeronautical Products Coming January 2018


In January of this year, we introduced the Flight Simulator community to a new company called Honeycomb Aeronautical at CES 2017

They were showing off their Alpha Flight Controls yoke system which looked fantastic and certainly got a positive response from the community. Since then they’ve announced the Bravo yoke system.

The question on everybody’s tongues was when will they be released? Well, FSMagazin reported earlier today that they will be coming January 2018.

Honeycomb has now successfully arranged the worldwide distribution partners for the Alpha and Bravo products with Aerosoft taking up the challenge for Europe. Honeycomb’s parent company, Snakebyte will be distributing for the US market. A full list of distribution partners is available on Honeycomb’s website

Both of the products will be available for $199.99 when they are released, it’s great to see a new company in the industry providing us with something different.

At CES we managed to get some pictures of the Alpha Yoke Controls check them out below, for more information click here



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