Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke More Details Announced!


Back in January, we attended CES in Las Vegas, one of the most interesting things we saw, was from a new company called Honeycomb Aeronautical!

It was a brand new yoke and throttle quadrant system that they were developing for Flight Simulation, the yoke is called the Alpha Flight Controls and the throttle system is sold separately and is called the Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

Back then we didn’t have many details about the project because they were still in stages of development for the product, but now we at least have a list of features and prices for each unit. The Yoke will retail for $199.99 and the Throttle Quadrant will retail for the same amount of $199.99.

The yoke features aerospace grade internal components and realistic ergonomics for a true flying experience, it also has a realistic full 180° yoke turn radius with a dampened self-centering mechanism and they are clearly confident in the quality of their product because all Honeycomb products feature a 5 year warranty and free lifetime tech support.

We managed to get lots of pictures of the units when we saw them back in January although they were only prototypes at the time and the final product they look slightly different, check out our original article here

They’ve also launched a new website, click here


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  1. I’m desperately looking for this product to release. Anyways to have more information regarding the release date. Seems like Summer isn’t an option anymore.

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