Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke Development Complete!


Honeycomb Aeronautical, the company behind the highly anticipated Alpha Flight Controls system have released a status update explaining where they are at with development.

We discovered Honeycomb Aeronautical at CES2017 and the community went crazy about the newly announced flight control system, the release was slated for the summer of 2017 but development was then delayed due to production delays.

In a video posted to the company’s Facebook page, Honeycomb Aeronatucal’s Founder, Niki Repenning announced that the development of the yoke is now complete and the throttles are not far behind.

He said: “The development of the yoke is finally done and the throttle is not far behind, all we’re waiting for now is for the tooling to be completed and then we can start mass production.”

The team found that their mounting system for the yoke was more complex than they expected and that they’ve had to spend the last few months fine tuning it’s design.

There has been no mention of an expected release date but with mass production just around the corner it can’t be too far off! The yoke system has received great attention because of its expected price of just $199.

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