iBlueYonder Announce KDAL Dallas Love Field!


iBlueYonder, the developers behind Nantucket Island have today announced the development of a new scenery product for Dallas Love Field!

In a post on their website they wrote: “It’s been a while since this airport got some love, and we’re jazzed about bringing it just that. This is a field steeped in history; it was the last field JFK ever flew into, and the site of LBJ’s inauguration in the dark days after Kennedy’s assassination.

It’s the home of Southwest Airlines, and soon will welcome Alaska Airlines. And what’s more, it has sweeping views of the downtown Dallas skyline. And yes, that skyline is getting a complete makeover as well – we’re including a custom, high-detail downtown area along with the airport.

Here are a few renders to give you a sense of the scope of the project. It’s early days, but we have several highly skilled modelers and texture artists working on it right now. More soon!

Bill Womack from iBlueYonder recently announced another scenery development, this one being published under FlightBeam Studios. For more information regarding iBlueYonder’s recent announcement click here


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