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Recently Imaginesim released there new scenery for FSX the KAUS airport in Texas. It was initially released for FS2004 and then for FSX.

The Austin-Bergstrom Internation airport is situated in Class C airspace and 5nm away from Downtown Austin, it currently has around 150 daily departures and more than 10Million people used the airport last year. Lets’s jump into the review of this airport by Imaginesim.


Let’s start with the usual verdict about the installation of this product. Overall it was simple and didn’t throw up any problems, The product key was one of the longest that I have ever seen. It wasn’t very clear either about where to insert the key. None of these were any cause for concern. Imaginesim are clearly taking a strong stance of software piracy with there million digit product key! 😀

Installation 1Installation 2


After flying around this airport for about 2 hours trying to get some good screenshots, I have noticed that the attention to detail in this addons it outstanding. The taxiway marking for this airport are amazing. The stand markings have the oil patches and dirt markings that the real thing would have. The detail goes all the way down to the cones that are on the stand, they are not places on a computer coded straight line. They are places like a human would place them. This airport also features fully animated vehicles that drive around the airport, This includes catering, baggage and push trucks all moving around the airport individually.

The addons scenery also features buildings such as the Fedex offices across from the terminal building and also other firms that are stationed at KAUS. The Daytime lighting for this airport is good, The building cast shadows on the ground and the Jetways also do this. The shadows are soft and look realistic opposed to hard shadows that bare no realism.


Night Time

After reloading to investigate what the night had to offer for this addons scenery, I was surprised; it looks good. Generally scenery addons aren’t very good at doing night scenery, they concentrate to much on the day time. I would say that the night is good. The terminal buildings are one of the best things about flying at night. They did however not have any lighting coming from inside the terminal. The part of the night lighting that really took me by surprise was when i pulled up to one of the gates and found that the headlights on the front of the vehicles actually lit up and illuminated the ground. I have never seen this before in any scenery addon. Please do be aware that the lighting in the background of the picture is not imaginesim, it is FTX Global.

HeadlightsThe Gates

The on stand experience with the scenery is great, the stand guidance system is in place and the jetways are fully animated. The reflections in the terminal building windows just adds the realism of this scenery.

Wing 1


These pictures went nowhere near photoshop, they are straight out of the sim.

Tower 2Nightime

Overall Impressions

I think that this airport addons scenery is really nice, The attention to detail shows throughout the whole scenery. If you fly to Austin a lot then it is a must have for you. If you don’t then you should get it and it will be the reason you fly there. As for FPS drop. I didn’t a significant drop in performance, it worked well and certainly is worth the price of £19.99


9.0 Great

This is a high quality addon that is definitely worth the price and if you fly to the airport a lot then there is no reason why this couldn't replace the default scenery you already have. It was released for the FS2004 crew and now for FSX. The installation and night lighting weren't perfect, it would have been nice to see the stand flood lights have more effect on the lighting situation. But overall A really great addon.

  • Installation 8
  • Day Time 10
  • Night Time 8
  • Vehicles 10
  • Value For Money 9
  • User Ratings (23 Votes) 3.4

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