Introducing ChasePlane by FSFX Packages!


When I met the FSFX Packages team at Flight Sim Con this year they told me they had a “huge announcement” coming soon!

There were many rumours as to what it could be, but once they started teasing us with the ‘apple type’ previews a couple of weeks ago, the rumours focused on the fact that it could be a new camera system to replace EZDok.

Today FSFX Packages revealed their latest project: ChasePlane. A next generation camera system for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

ChasePlane includes revolutionary features like an In-Sim View Selector, full camera control, including roll axis and zoom, Cinematic Mode, realistic turbulence and so much more.

In-Sim View Selector

Switching views in ChasePlane is easier than ever. In addition of custom shortcuts, you can now use an In-Sim View Selector to directly select the view you are looking for. This feature also enables you to save camera presets and trigger various functions of the app without leaving the simulator.


Full Camera Controls

Having full control over the camera position is a basic expectation from a camera system. ChasePlane enables full control over Pan, Tilt and Roll axis as well as Zoom, Altitude, Longitudinal and Latitudinal positions. All of these can be controlled from the various sliders in the User Interface or using your Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse. Each camera preset includes many options like the ability to set Motion speed and inertia for each control type individually.


True Static Cameras

Explore your surroundings with the Static Camera system in ChasePlane. Roam around your airport and discover new areas. The list of presets is dynamically adapted to your current location so you only get the best camera angles for your current region!

Cinematic Mode

Cinematic Mode is magic in ChasePlane. It is a real breakthrough that will change the game for many virtual pilots around the world. It can be defined as a screen saver, moving the camera around the aircraft when you are not active in the cockpit. Making it a must have for Twitch streamers making long flights. By default, Cinematic Mode automatically starts when you are inactive and on cruise above FL180 and returns to the previous camera position as soon as you move the mouse.

Realistic Turbulence

Your cameras will feel like the real deal with ChasePlane’s turbulence system. It uses real data from the simulator to calculate accurate motion. ChasePlane gives you a wide variety of turbulence types as well and deeper options for the nerd inside of you!

  • Acceleration and Gyroscopic types of turbulence will give you real visual feedback when controlling the aircraft or when you fly through turbulent air.
  • Engine turbulence will shake your view when starting and stopping your engine or when your engines runs at low RPM. Piston, turbine and jet engines as well as helicopter types are simulated in their own ways.
  • Blast Area turbulence will shake the camera when passing behind an engine, making you feel like you really are in the simulation. Because every detail is important, this turbulence type is modulated based on the position, size and the amount of thrust generated by the engine(s).
  • Ground turbulence takes into account the size and speed of the wheels as well as surface type to represent vibrations and shocks from the ground surface.
  • Wind Turbulence increases as the aircraft gains speed. Natural wind speed is also included in the algorithm.
  • Random turbulence represents the natural motion of a human head. Rocking gently left and right. This type of turbulence makes static shots a bit more dynamic.
  • Anticipation turbulence predicts where you want to look using various input data ranging from flight controls to rotational velocities.


Advanced CPU Assignments

In ChasePlane, you can specify which CPU does the hard work of calculating camera operations or you can leave the application decide for itself. The application includes many algorithms to intelligently balance the load on multi-CPU systems when running FSX or P3D.

Stored in the Cloud

Every camera you create in ChasePlane is linked to your OldProp account and is saved In the Cloud. No need to export your presets anymore or to create new ones because you lost everything in a computer failure. As soon as you install ChasePlane and run it on your brand new computer, all your camera presets are loaded from the server and are ready to be used.


Doors and Walls

Board and Deboard the aircraft like a Captain with the Doors and Walls features included in ChasePlane. Set doors in various positions around the aircraft and go through them to leave and enter the aircraft.

Community Features

With the Community features in ChasePlane, you will be able to share presets with your friends and communities. Getting presets for your aircraft cannot be easier with the automatic import feature. When you load an aircraft for the first time, ChasePlane will download the most popular presets from the community so you can get airborne as quick as possible!


This is the key bit that if you’ve managed to scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll be able to find out. When it’s going to be released?

ChasePlane will be available Early 2017. A public Alpha Program will start in Early November for early adopters and for people who can’t stand the software they are currently using.

ChasePlane is currently in Pre-Alpha. Meaning that ChasePlane is not a stable, final product and that tests, changes, addition or removal of features are possible. The list of features mentioned above as well as limitations and roadmap can change at any time depending on design challenges or other factors.

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