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Majestic Simulations gave everyone an update on where they are in terms of the development of the Q400 Pro and Training Editions, as well as the Q300!

Fellow Aviators,

Just about every day I get messages and or posts of the Facebook page asking about the status of the Dash 8 – Q300 v2’s. Well to be quite honest I don’t think any of you are more anxious than I to see the Q300 v2 go full speed ahead – mainly because it is the 1. the Flagship of the majestic Software fleet, and 2. This is a part of my office. However, to keep things in perspective, the Q400 PRO and TRAINING Editions must and will be released before we can think of a “FULL SPEED AHEAD” mode for the Q300 v2.

I will share with you all a package which may be considered visually enticing, something I figured I won’t be greedy about and keep all to myself, this way I will not be the only one drooling.

Now there is still quite a bit of work to be done – so I don’t want to get messages about this or that is missing, or can I join the Beta team…blah, blah, blah – instead simply sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of one of the BEST Turboprop aircraft ever built.

In time…this too shall come to light!!!!

The Majestic Software Team
-Simeon (kroswynd)



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