Majestic Software Q300 – Update!


Over the years since the announcement of the Q400 Majestic have been working extremely hard to deliver, They have now “feverishly started working” on the Q300

Here’s what Simeon Kroswynd had to say about the development:

As most of you already know we have been concentrating heavily on the development of our Q400 PRO Edition. However while the Boss has his head buried deep in getting the HUD system completed for the next beta build. In the mean time, our master modeling developer of Samdim Design is feverishly working behind the scenes on version 2 of the much anticipated Q300 – which happens to be the Majestic Software Flagship.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done on the visuals, however I am attaching a few images to show the onward progression of the upcoming MJC Q300 Dash 8 v2

As usual, we will not be discussing release dates or estimated time frames, until we are ready to do so. In fact, we started it a year ago, but still the visuals are only half a way to be finished.

For more information about the Q300 development, click here



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