Matt Davies Announces A380 Development!


Matt Davies, The well known YouTube, Twitch Streamer, and developer has today announced that he will be developing an A380!

In a statement to PCFlight, he said that himself along with 8 other developers are working on the development of an A380 for flight sim.

He also said that there’s “no time frame” for the completion of the project and that the team is currently “collecting a tonne of R&D [Research & Development] at the moment”

Many questions have already arisen as to how detailed the aircraft will be, Matt has confirmed to PCFlight that it will be Study Level. He also said that the team had tried to contact NLS; the developers of a failed A380 project. They weren’t interested and this confirms that the project will be from scratch.

No more information has been released by Matt but I’m sure over the coming days more will be said about this project, let’s hope we’re lucky this time and actually end up with a finished product, the A380 has a long history of being started and not being finished.

In the video below you can hear him talking about the development and confirming that it’s really happening.


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