Matt Davies Sets the Record Straight Regarding PTA


A few days ago, Matt Davies announced that he had purchased the source code for the PTA tool and would be releasing it in the coming weeks for P3D V4!

This announcement was unfortunately met with many people complaining about the fact that he would be making it payware when the original tool was freeware. Today he’s released a statement explaining exactly why that decision was made.

“Today has been quite possibly one of the weirdest, emotionally messed up days I’ve had in, well, ever.

I always look for opportunities to give back to the community as I feel the vast majority of you have had my back from day 1 (minus the few cretins who really aren’t worth the oxygen they breathe). I never take that for granted, I hope I portray that well enough.

About 2 weeks ago, I was advised by a friend of mine that the developer of the Prepar3D Tweaking Assistant tool (PTA) was no longer willing to continue developing the product due to a variety of things, one of which being that even after the insane amount of hours he’d put into it, everyone adopted the attitude of taking but not giving.Being in the position I’m in, I get a clear view of what is popular and what isn’t. PTA was one of the most popular tools for Prepar3D I’ve ever come across, and still is.

Being in the position I’m in, I get a clear view of what is popular and what isn’t. PTA was one of the most popular tools for Prepar3D I’ve ever come across, and still is. I’m going to be as transparent as possible here, some of you may not agree with this approach, but I feel it’s necessary…

I approached the developer and asked him would he be willing to sell the source code of PTA for a figure of $2000. I was willing to hand over my own money to get the tool back in the hands of someone who could develop it further, considering Prepar3D v4 was just released. I was planning to then release this, for free, to anybody who wanted to use it.

My offer was declined & a new, substantially higher counter offer was sent to me – I won’t disclose the exact figure but it was a 5 figure sum. I was also given a breakdown of everything – which after some reading and discussion, made perfect sense. As a software developer, I absolutely short changed the original developer with my initial offer – but I figured it was worth a shot considering it’d always been a free utility & perhaps he’d be happy to hand it over and be compensated for his efforts (albeit in a small way).

After some careful consideration, we came to an agreement and I purchased the PTA tool – however this time, due to the sheer amount of money involved, it just wasn’t possible to continue to make it a freeware product.

We’ve been developing some new features, bringing it in line with Prepar3D v4 and laying the foundations for some cool future features.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, today, as I said at the start of this rant, I have been absolutely ripped to pieces by a fair few people in the community – I don’t think I’ve ever felt this demotivated from trying to help resolve a situation. I’m at a point now where I could quite happily just keep the tool for myself and be done with it – thankfully there are enough supporters to re-align my focus and ensure, that this entire venture wasn’t just a huge waste of money (that to be quite frank, I don’t have).

Sometime over the next 2 weeks, you’ll see it go on sale via one of a few different retailers, including our own eCommerce site. I’m not here begging for sales, what I’m here for is to set the record straight. I hate being made out to be something/someone I’m not & I’d never do the community any sort of dis-justice.

Thanks for listening. Also, you may have heard that I’m embarking on a journey to develop the “Ultimate A380″ for Prepar3D v4 & X-Plane. This is 100% true & I’ll have further details regarding my new project over the coming weeks.”


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  1. Well said Matt. I will support you by buying the product. You give a lot to the community, we can give back as a thank you.

  2. I’m with Anthony,you do so much that we all gain from,you will have my support Matt.

  3. Matt
    I have No idea what PTA is or does But I think if you told the public i.e. people on your site what you were preparing to do I think it would have I hoped Stop all of the nastiness toward you!.
    I wish you well in your future products

  4. Thanks for taking this on Matt and believe me when I say that most of the community is behind you. I reckon most of those who are complaining are those who don’t pay for any software at all. Or am I being a bit harsh. No. No I’m not.

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