Mega Scenery Earth – Minneapolis St.Paul


MegaSceneryEarth has taken the realism of the Ultra-Res Series to the next level with there new release of Minneapolis and St.Paul region. It has a native resolution of 50cm per pixel. This release gives you the scenery for larger cities and the Terminal Control Areas and over 4,000 square miles all displayed at 50cm Per pixel.

The realism of this scenery is stunning it remains perfect all the way down to 500ft and this im because of the such high resolution that hasn’t been seen very much in other scenery addons for fsx. This is perfect for helicopter flying and local low Level VFR flight around the region. It also provides an excellent experience for those wanting to do commercial big jet flights. This is because the scenery come into its element on approach and landing.

It is also an important addon for those wanting to do VFR navigation around the area of Minneapolis. It is on par with FTX Global and there addon for the US.

For a price of £15 it is a good option for those flying in Minneapolis.


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