Microsoft Answers Questions about Flight Simulator 2020!


The surprise release of a trailer showing a new Flight Simulator was to be made by Microsoft left the community with many questions that weren’t answered.

Microsoft has released a short statement on their website which answers some of the most common questions people had about the new platform.

In a statement on its website, the Microsoft development team said: “On behalf of the entire Microsoft Flight Simulator team, we humbly and deeply express our gratitude for such an overwhelmingly positive response to our announce trailer!

They added: “Thank you for being patient enough to weather the turbulence caused by some of our previous missteps.”

Microsoft then went on to cover five different common questions people had about the project:

  1. We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR.
  2. Designed for PC, optimized for multiplatform support (e.g. Xbox).
  3. Yes. We are supporting 3rd Party Content Development and Community Content creation. We are aware of the concerns in the current eco-system and are working to address them.
  4. Yes. We genuinely want to work closely with the community in the development of this title.
  5. Accessibility is important to us. Whatever your abilities are, if you want to fly, we are going to do whatever we can to make that happen. Yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard, controller, etc. No pilot should be left behind.

Further on in the statement, the development team revealed they would say more about their roadmap for the project some time in August.

They ended the statement saying: “Thank you for sharing your thoughts, honestly expressing your feedback and concerns, and for taking this next step with us.”

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